The Mile by Craig Smith

"This is a much-needed injection of booze-soaked banter and comedy into the independence debate. Assured and heartwarming stuff." Doug Johnstone

Cover design by Emily Hogarth

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It’s a week before 2014’s referendum on Scottish independence. Three friends: a nationalist, a unionist and a swing-voter meet for a pub crawl down Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile.
Can Ian convince Euan to vote for independence or is he just gambling with all their futures? Will Euan’s defence of the union break Ian’s resolve, or is he just hanging on to another struggling marriage? Does Stuart even care? And how can a travel writer have a fear of flying? And who is the mysterious ninety-five year old man in the red tartan trousers?
The Mile is an entertaining alcohol-fuelled stagger down a street that has a lot more to it than tartan rugs and cashmere shops. Join our friends, their hangers-on, and their pursuers, as they take in 300 years of Scottish history. And a skinful of beer and whisky…

"A witty comedy with a big heart and surprise waiting at every pub stop, The Mile is a whirlwind of laughs, loss and love. If that isn’t enough to get you reading, then you may never find out how Scotland is like a millionaire’s shortcake …by Karyn Dougan. Glasgow Review of Books.
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"Like the pubs the characters stagger in and out of, The Mile is best suited for adult readers, with colourful but realistic language used throughout. At its whisky-soaked heart though, it is an enjoyable and human tale, which entertains rather than preaches — and by doing so makes its points far more engagingly than it otherwise would." The Edinburgh Spotlight
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