Author Services

We would love to help you publish your book. We can help at any stage of the production process. Please look at the options below for more information about our services. Please contact us by email if want a quote for a complete publication package from your document file to a professionally published paperback.

Don't judge the book by its cover. You've probably heard this phrase a hundred times before and in some ways it is true. Clearly the quality of a book is found within the story, the characters, the prose. This should make the book cover, for all practical purposes, irrelevant. But in some ways a book's cover is critical to its success. When you are browsing in a bookshop certain book covers catch your eye. Maybe it's a picture of a place you've been or maybe it's just a very interesting picture, but suddenly you find yourself with the book in your hands, you turn it, and you read the back.

We can help you produce the bookcover that will stand out from others. You can also be sure that no other book will have the same cover as you will own full copyright over the final design.

Prices for an individually designed book cover start around £250.

Contact us at for more information.



We offer Kindle conversion. We make it easy for authors and publishers to launch their ebooks on Kindle in the easiest way. 
We convert Word, PDF, and rtf documents to Kindle format.

Our prices start at £75 for a full conversion. Contact us for more details.



Pilrig Press was set up because we love working with books. We can help with any of the many stages involved in book production. If we like your book we will take it on and publish it for you. If you prefer to go the self publishing route, we can still offer you our expertise and help you along the way.

Copy Editing
Once you have your final manuscript it may require copy editing. The copy editor’s job is to finesse a writer’s prose so that it observes all the conventions of good writing. It’s not the copy editor’s job to write the manuscript or change the meaning of any one sentence. Rather, it’s the role of the copy editor to suggest changes to the content so that it is as well-written as possible while maintaining the author’s voice. Copy editors edit content so that it is clear, correct, concise, comprehensible and consistent.

Paperback production
We can format your book so that it is ready to be professionally printed. We help you choose fonts, page sizes, line spacing and much more.

Contact us with information about your book for a quote.



Proofreading services
Details to be announced soon.